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eZ Commerce for eZ Platform

eZ Commerce is an add-on to eZ Platform that turns eZ Platform (version 2) into a high performance content and e-Commerce platform.

eZ Commerce  supports different e-commerce use cases and goes beyond the simple e-shop. In particular, it provides a set of advanced features focusing on B2B e-commerce use cases with reliable, fast and flexible connection to the leading ERP and PIM systems.


Version 2.5 - June 2019

eZ Commerce offers a lot of new features and improvements

  • New features
    • Editing of addresses in the backend
    • improved job system in backend
    • Improvements for eContent - bestsellers
    • Improved landingpage features
    • Improved editing for specification data (unit field)
    • Contact forms are pre filled if user is logged in
    • New ERP transport layer for Microsoft Dynamics NAV
  • Further changes
    • eZ Commerce 2.5 comes with eZ Platform version 2.5.1
    • Support for the eZ design engine

The documentation has been written for users who are working on a daily base with the ecommerce platform and for developers planning to use eZ Commerce in oder to extend the functionality of the software. 

For frontend developers there is a own section Frontend customizing describing how to change templates and the designs.

Quick tour

These documents offer a good introduction into how the shop works:

Interesting topics for eZ developers

  • The Template resolver offers flexible override features as known in the former eZ Publish 4 version
  • A nice Configuration tool allows to edit config resolver settings in the backend of the shop
  • Use the new Page Builder for the eShop:  Landingpages
  • Where to find the master templates: 3. Templates
  • Common Search for products and content

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