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eZ Commerce offers a feature to determine and display bestsellers. 

Bestsellers are determined based on all confirmed orders. The information how often a product was purchased is stored in Solr by a Solr-plugin. The shop owner can specify from which treshold a product counts as a bestseller.

Bestsellers can be displayed on landing pages, category pages and bestseller page. 

Table of contents:

Enable bestsellers in shop

Set the following parameter to true, to enable bestsellers in the shop

# Bestseller configuration
siso_core.default.enable_bestsellers: true

Configure bestsellers in backend

Go to eZ Commerce→Configuration Settings→Miscellaneous

The following configurations are available

Number of bestsellers displayed on bestseller pageInteger, how many bestsellers should be displayed on the bestsellers page
Number of bestsellers displayed on catalog pagesInteger, how many bestsellers should be displayed on category pages og the catalog
Number of bestsellers displayed in a sliderInteger, how many bestsellers should be available in a slider on landing page
TresholdHow often has a product to be sold to count as a bestseller

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