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Install a fresh eZ Commerce 

The eZ Commerce installer will install eZ Platform and eZ Commerce in one step. An eZ Platform Enterprise license is required. 


Make sure that you have setup proper auth parameters for the ez update server. You will receive the login parameters from the customer portal at

    "http-basic": {
        "": {
            "username": "xxxxxxxxxxx",
            "password": "xxxxxx"

Step 1 - Create a DB

// start mysql and run
CREATE database ezcommerce;

Step 2 -  create the project

Option A - Using composer

php composer.phar create-project ezsystems/ezcommerce

## fetching a special version
php composer.phar create-project ezsystems/ezcommerce=v2.5.0

The installer will ask for some missing parameters:


  • Make sure that the parameter "siso_imagemagick_path" is set properly (for linux system it is usually /usr/bin/convert and for MAC /usr/local/bin/convert). 
  • Please run "./vendor/defuse/php-encryption/bin/generate-defuse-key" after the installer asks for the parameters (e.g. using a separate window) and copy the secret for the payment system (JMS_PAYMENT_SECRET)
    to your clipboard. 
Some parameters are missing. Please provide them.
env(SYMFONY_SECRET) (ThisEzPlatformTokenIsNotSoSecret_PleaseChangeIt):
env(JMS_PAYMENT_SECRET) (def00000706ea7318427e72fcea2c8ceb86773a4310e35119c48e3029196acfead1ba8cc898f48d1ef9cb3f7ebe191ab46eaf67ec94a2b6bd17c079ac7277de0175b9e3e):
env(DATABASE_DRIVER) (pdo_mysql):
env(DATABASE_HOST) (localhost):
env(DATABASE_PORT) (null):
env(DATABASE_NAME) (ezcommerce): ezcommerce
env(DATABASE_USER) (root):
env(DATABASE_COLLATION) (utf8_general_ci):
env(DATABASE_SERVER_VERSION) (mariadb-10.2.12): 5.7.19
env(SISO_SEARCH_SOLR_HOST) (localhost):
env(SISO_SEARCH_SOLR_PORT) (8983): 8983
env(SISO_SEARCH_SOLR_CORE) (collection1):
siso_imagemagick_path (/usr/bin/convert): /usr/bin/convert
siso_core.siteaccess_group (ezdemo_site_clean_group):
apache_tika_path ('%kernel.project_dir%/bin/tika-app-1.20.jar'):
> eZ\Bundle\EzPublishCoreBundle\Composer\ScriptHandler::clearCache

Step 3 - Install and Start Solr

eZ Commerce requires Solr as search engine. The demo provides a Solr installation which has to be started:

Get and install and start Solr

If you are using the standard port 8983 you do not need to pass the port as a parameter 

bash ./ 8983


Step 4 - Run installer

The installer will create the database and will provide a clean Installation for eZ Commerce. 

php composer.phar ezcommerce-install

Step 5 - Start the PHP Server

The fastest way to start a PHP server and run the application is to use the build in PHP webserver:

php bin/console server:run

Adjust the access rights

Please check the eZ Platform documentation depending on the operating system you are using:

For linux based systems:

sudo setfacl -dR -m u:www-data:rwX -m u:$(whoami):rwX var/logs/ var/cache/ var/sessions/ web/*
sudo setfacl -R -m u:www-data:rwX -m u:$(whoami):rwX var/logs/ var/cache/ var/sessions/ web/*

Install Demo products and use econtent

Check which location id is used for the "Productcatalog":

 php bin/console silversolutions:switchdataprovider econtent --location-id=118 --new-root-node=2

Install Demo data

 php bin/console ezplatform:install ezcommerce_econtent_demo

Install Demo images

cd vendor/ezsystems/
git clone
cd ../..

cp -R vendor/ezsystems/ezcommerce-demo-assets/assets/ web/var/assets/
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