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Ogone is a payment system offered by Ingenico e-Commerce Solutions:

Configuration parameters

    pspid: my psid
    shain: "<shain defined in ogone backend>"
    shaout: "<shaout defined in ogone backend>"
    debug: true
    utf8: true
        user: shop_user_id
        password: "<password defined for user in ogone backend>"
The psid used for log in in the ogone backend.
has to be defined in the ogone backend/administration
has to be defined in the ogone backend/administration
The user (see "Create a user for the shop")
The password set for this user

This configuration is not site-access aware. For the case that multiple Ogone accounts must be configured, depending on the site-access, the token service must be redefined in order to get site-access aware parameters injected:

         <!-- Overridden token service for Ogone -->
        <service id="payment.ogone.client.token" class="%payment.ogone.client.token.class%">

Fortunately, only this single service relies on the account parameters. In order to configure the values effectively, the ets_payment_ogone configuration can't be used any longer. The configuration above would now look like:

project_domain.site_access_name.payment_ogone_pspid: my psid
project_domain.site_access_name.payment_ogone_shain: "<shain defined in ogone backend>"
project_domain.site_access_name.payment_ogone_shaout: "<shaout defined in ogone backend>"
project_domain.site_access_name.payment_ogone_api_username: shop_user_id
project_domain.site_access_name.payment_ogone_api_password: "<password defined for user in ogone backend>"

PLEASE NOTE: debug and utf8 must still be configured for the config namespace ets_payment_ogone and are NOT site-access aware.

How to setup the account in Ogone

1) Activate necessary 3-tiers option

It is important to activate the Option "e-Commerce 3-tiers access" (or in German: e-Commerce 3-tiers Zugriff).

Click on Configuration->Account->Your Options

2) Activate a payment such as VISA

Click on Configuration->Payment methods

3) Create a user for the shop

Click on Configuration->Users

Important: Please activate the option "API user".

4) Configure Global transaction parameters

If the shop shall just authorize the transaction and the ERP will finalize the transaction then the option "Authorization" has to be set. 

5) Global security parameters

Please choose SHA-1 as has algorithm and UTF-8 as encoding standard. 

6) Data and origin verification

Please type in a secure SHA-in pass phrase and add the SHA-in pass phrase in the settings of the shop 

7) Set ShaOut Password and notification URLs

Go to link Configuration ->Technical information ->Transaction Feedback

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