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The eZ Commerce ships with a payment bundle. This bundle depends on the JMSPaymentCoreBundle. Thus, this third party bundle must be installed manually if it wasn't already due to composer dependencies.

The eZ Commerce supports the following Payment providers:

Payment providerDetailsCode used in Basket
Paypal ExpressSee Paypalpaypal_express_checkout
See Telecashtelecash_connect
See Ogoneogone_gateway
InvoiceUsed for non electronic paymentsinvoice

Important configuration

        provider: defuse_php_encryption
        secret: 'def0000033444be8556a1bd7e347a240d19d34a078112f3f18bbb74cb4caeff9f9df7e2f1c86f32826b6b262360791264a0aeb851bdb999f2b882038448966b3b1d40a79'
        enabled: true

Important: The secret has to be created by a command:

php vendor/defuse/php-encryption/bin/generate-defuse-key

Common Payment Workflow

The diagram shows the processes involved in a payment process.

When a user accepts the payment and the payment provider has acknowledged the data the

  • user will be redirected to the shop and 
  • in parallel the payment provider informs the shop calling a notify url of the shop ("Notify Shop") . This call is a direct call from the payment system and the shop 

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