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PriceField is the representative implementation of AbstractField for a Price.

A new PriceField can be created using the following data:

use Silversolutions\Bundle\EshopBundle\Content\Fields\PriceField;
use Siso\Bundle\PriceBundle\Model\Price;
// Usage: 
$price = new Price(
        'price' => 99.99,
        'isVatPrice' => true,
        'vatCode' => 19.0,
        'currency' => 'EUR',
        'source' => 'ERP',
$priceField = new PriceField(array('price' => $price));



Please refer to Rendering for prices to see the possibilities of outputting a PriceField using the ses_render_field() function.

It is also possible to render a priceField with a twig function ses_render_price(). The difference see in the table below:


Twig functionParamatersUsage


string $fieldIdentifier

array $params

more general -

renders also other FieldInterface $fields from $catalogElement

like TextBlockField, ImageField, PriceField



PriceField $priceField

array $params

renders only PriceField $price


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