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%ses-brand version 2.5 (4.1.1)

  • intermediate version
  • supported eZ Platform Version V2.5

 If you apply this %ses-brand version in the project, always check the latest tagged version.

Server requirements

%ses-brand relies on eZ Platform software that is built to rely on existing technologies and standards, mainly:

  • PHP scripting language: 7

  • SQL database: MySql/MariaDB or PostgreSQL

  • Web Server: Apache/Nginx

  • Java JRE  (Oracle-Sun/OpenJDK) when Solr is used (for use with eZ Find search engine)

New features and improvements

List of new features and improvements.

LoggingBy default it is logged, if a token was processed. For example when a user activates his account by double Opt-in.
#17140DatabaseNew Index for ses_basket table
#17427Contact formPrefill form with customer data
#17468Specifications Field TypeExtend Field Type with unit field
#17281BestsellerAdd bestseller for econtent
#17421Customer Profile DataNew edit form for Customer Profile Data in backend
#17317eZ Design EngineeZ Design Engine can be used for templating
#17596ERPNew transportlayer for the ERP Microsoft Dynamic NAV for the Webconnector of TSO data

Bug fixes

List of bugs that were fixed in this version.

OrdermanagementFix URL generation of return parameter for lost order process

Set Proper filter parameters for product list

#17370FacetsIf only one facet value exists the facet was not visible. But the open/close facets links were visible. With this bugfix the links will not be displayed in this use case.
#17166Cockpit EcontentCount of products in cockpit was corrected for econtent as dataprovider
#17456Configuration settingsStoring configuration settings in file system removed.
#17785Checkout delivery addressCustomer without customer number can choose existing delivery addresses
#17341Create order in ERP for customer without customer numberFor ERP connection templatedebitorservice is used to get ERP template customer number for customer without own customer number.


Replace wrong command option 'lc' with 'l'
#17495OrderhistoryFix NotFoundException for siteaccess with deactivated ERP
#17828OrderhistoryLine sums did not show discount
#17784Edit variants in basketRemove duplicated stock icon
#17321VouchersFix issue where vouchers are not merged correctly with their baskets

Customer Profile Data

FetchProfileData method of EzErpCustomerProfileDataService was overwriting dataMap, if no customer number was set.

#17326Price togglerHide/show prices on all pages instead of one page only.
#17425Customer Profile DataErp Request was sent with deactivated ERP connection.


Fix for missing image

Landingpage editor

Fixed productslider styling issue
#17541Twig Extension

Replaced usage of wrong RichTextExtension with richTextConverter

#17878Page builderBroken zones removed

Erroneous folder template fixed

#17889BackendUnnecessary service alias removed. It has caused broken image previews
#17586BackendFix console errors while viewing products
#17887BackendFix console errors while viewing users

Missing translations for field types in Content Type view added

#17912Page BuilderFix issue where 'is_visibility_enabled does not exist' error was thrown when opening Product Slider settings
#17921Form BuilderAdd missing labels for radio and checkbox fields in form view
#17923BackendFixed issue where schedular tab wasn't loading

New plugins

Plugins that were implemented for this version.

#12345-TestPluginBundleThis plugin offers test functionality--

Tagged versions

List of tagged versions. These tags are created in the next development phase - 2.4.1++. This list must be fulfilled when the next release was published.







JavaScript libraries and plugins

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Table of Contents

API Changes


Database changes

Update doctrine

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php ezpublish/console doctrine:schema:update --force


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Method signature changes

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Interface changes

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JS changes

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Vendor bundles + config

no change

Overridden vendor services

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Topic specific (not complex) changes in %ses-brand 

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Follow these changes only, if you are using Orderhistory in your project.




Follow these changes only, if you are using Customercenter in your project.



To check the API changes for the hotfixes, please check the hotfix patches above!