The %ses-brand ships with a payment bundle. This bundle depends on the JMSPaymentCoreBundle. Thus, this third party bundle must be installed manually if it wasn't already due to composer dependencies.

The %ses-brand supports the following Payment providers:

Payment providerDetailsCode used in Basket
Paypal ExpressSee Paypalpaypal_express_checkout
See Telecashtelecash_connect
See Ogoneogone_gateway
InvoiceUsed for non electronic paymentsinvoice

Important configuration

        provider: defuse_php_encryption
        secret: 'def0000033444be8556a1bd7e347a240d19d34a078112f3f18bbb74cb4caeff9f9df7e2f1c86f32826b6b262360791264a0aeb851bdb999f2b882038448966b3b1d40a79'
        enabled: true

Important: The secret has to be created by a command:

php vendor/defuse/php-encryption/bin/generate-defuse-key

Common Payment Workflow

The diagram shows the processes involved in a payment process.

When a user accepts the payment and the payment provider has acknowledged the data the