The Price class defines a generic price object. When attached to a ProductNode object, the Field PriceField is used.

As this class is extending ValueObject, you can set the necessary properties a new Price object easily using an array in the constructor.


pricefloatyesThe main price value
priceInclVatfloatnoThe price value definitive including VAT
priceExclVatfloatnoThe price value definitive excluding VAT
isVatPricebooleanyesIf true, the main price value is including VAT
vatCodefloatyesThe VAT percentage (might be Field in future)
currencystringyesThe ISO 4217 currency code (e.g. "EUR", "USD", "GBP", ...)
discountfloatnoDiscount in percentage
timestampstringnoTimestamp information
campaignstringnoCampaign code resp. value
sourcestringyesThe source of this price (e.g. "NAV")
quantityDiscountarraynoInformation regarding block prices etc. (might be Field in future)